Change to Southwest Airlines Baggage Policies

I normally don’t find myself affected by baggage restrictions on airlines. As a general rule I’m a light packer and if I do check a bag, it’s only one and very seldom weighs over 25 lbs.

However, I have travelled with glamazons who have to pack half their wardrobe, their entire cosmetics collection, and the whole bathroom cabinet.

For those types, you should take note of the following:

Currently, Southwest Airlines allows 3 checked bags (weighing up to 50 lbs. each) per ticketed passenger.

 Beginning January 29 2008, that will change. The maximum number of checked bags per ticketed passenger is being reduced to 2. The weight limit of 50 lbs will remain the same.

Additional bags and/or overweight pieces are subject to additional charges.

 Full details on Southwest Airlines Baggage Policies can be found here.


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One response to “Change to Southwest Airlines Baggage Policies

  1. How on earth anyone could even get close to 100 lbs of luggage is beyond me. I mean, how would you even carry that? Your arms would fall off before you made it to the jetway.

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