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I’m on the move…

No, I’m not taking off on some exotic trip somewhere. I’m not even going on a fun filled day trip within my own region.

I’m moving this blog to Typepad.

Thats right, you can change your saved favorites to

I know what you’re thinking…
“Why is  The Tourist  moving so soon?”

It’s simple really, Typepad will allow me to put up ads which will help to subsidize my next exciting trip somewhere, which will in turn bring more news to you. That, and I could use a new laptop, which of course will also bring more news to you.  So, Typepad will have to do for now, or at least until I can get out to Salt Lake City so that The Coolest Computer Geek Ever can give me some tips on how to build a real website.



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Change to Southwest Airlines Baggage Policies

I normally don’t find myself affected by baggage restrictions on airlines. As a general rule I’m a light packer and if I do check a bag, it’s only one and very seldom weighs over 25 lbs.

However, I have travelled with glamazons who have to pack half their wardrobe, their entire cosmetics collection, and the whole bathroom cabinet.

For those types, you should take note of the following:

Currently, Southwest Airlines allows 3 checked bags (weighing up to 50 lbs. each) per ticketed passenger.

 Beginning January 29 2008, that will change. The maximum number of checked bags per ticketed passenger is being reduced to 2. The weight limit of 50 lbs will remain the same.

Additional bags and/or overweight pieces are subject to additional charges.

 Full details on Southwest Airlines Baggage Policies can be found here.

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Airfare Specials from United

United Airlines is offering some serious discounts on both domestic and international airfare for the new year.

Available January 1, 2008 through January 10, 2008 just a couple of the fares available are:
San Francsico to Salt Lake City – $73 each way
San Francisco to Shanghai – $259 each way

Click here for details, limitations, and blackout periods.

Happy Travels!

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