Just A Reminder

Next Monday is the debut of the “Trip of the Month” feature.

If theres anywhere in particular you’d like to see the cost of airfare and lodgings to as well as the local attractions, leave a comment stating the destination of your choice and I’ll throw it in the lot. If theres a particular time frame that you have in mind for this destination, include that as well. If no time frame is indicated, I’ll use a default setting of six to eight weeks out.

I’ve had some great suggestions so far, everything from Austin Texas to Morocco. The lucky destination will be selected by the random number generator.



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2 responses to “Just A Reminder

  1. OK. My request is a trip to Santa Fe for my sister, her 5-1/2 year old son, flying in (driving? not sure) from Flathead Lake, Montana. And myself and my husband, flying in from Sacramento, Ca. And my mother, who has physical problems (recent knee replacement) and will need assistance at the airport and a handicap-accessible hotel room. She’s coming from Maryland, preferably BWI, although any DC airport is okay. These types of trips are so tough to plan because everyone has their special needs, yet once we’re there, I think we’ll have a LOT of fun. I’ve been there before and really loved it, but any information about local sights would be appreciated. I’m thinking we would go 5 days, sometime in the spring. Oh, and can I bring the dogs?
    Hugs to you my little travel genius!!

  2. CWE

    Okay… you totally said you picked my idea and now… NOTHING? So sad. I know, I know… if only your friends would quit calling you every 5 minutes asking you to email them pictures and whatnot…

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