What To Expect…

I’m still fine tuning the way things will process here at Tightwad Tourist, figuring out what will allow me to bring you the most information I can while still allowing me to maintain my day job.

Yep, I have to keep my day job.

My initial goal here is to post articles twice a week

On Mondays I’ll be posting general travel tips on packing, searching for deals, anecdotes from my own adventures, reviews of various places I’ve stayed, interesting destinations, and more.

On Thursdays I’ll share with you deals I’ve come across that week, along with the links to where I found them.

One feature I’m really looking forward to is the “Trip of the Month”. On the first Monday of the month, I’ll post a featured destination and include the costs for airfare, hotel, as well as some of the activities and attractions in that area. I’m really looking forward to debuting this feature this coming Monday, November 5.

If you’d like to me on my email list to receive alerts as to whenever a new post is up, please comment below and I’ll add you to my list.

Otherwise, check back often.



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2 responses to “What To Expect…

  1. I’m looking forward to you getting this going! May I request that you do a posting on Santa Fe? I’d like to meet my mom and my sister there sometime next year. I love it there.

  2. This looks great! I look forward to getting some good tips to help with my already budget conscious travelling. 🙂

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